How Corruption in Belize Hoodwinked a Nation

Michael Keaton

A forthcoming Hollywood film, starring Michael Keaton, will focus on how police in Belize persecuted a wealthy American citizen and made him a murder suspect after he refused to donate to the government. King of the Jungle recounts the perils of John McAfee, the McAfee Antivirus software maverick who escaped back to the U.S. in 2012.

McAfee’s problems were mild compared to those facing Canadian/Guyanese businessman Danny Mason and his Canadian wife, Melissa Ferguson—mired in Hattieville Prison and legal purgatory respectively—after police supposedly “discovered” a severed head in the rear of his pick-up, outside a bar, in 2016. He and four employees were convicted of murder in December of 2019.

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An independent journalist with no political affiliations has prepared this 40,000-word inquiry that suggests corruption is rampant in Belize, the police cannot be trusted and some of the country’s top political leaders are complicit. You are invited to consider every word of this intriguing story, over three installments, and see if you agree.

On the night of Friday, July 15, 2016, Belmopan police found Lucas’ head stored on ice in a bucket inside the pan of a Ford F150 pickup truck outside a bar. July 17, 2018

The head-in-a-bucket was found—according to police, by luck—on ice, in a plastic bag, in the bed of a black, Ford F150 pick-up. The bed of this truck was mostly empty. Anyone who cared to lift the light canopy cover could have found it. Whoever had placed the bucket and its contents into the back of the vehicle had not locked the canopy. In other words, there had been no attempt to hide the human remains.

Channel5Belize July 31, 2019

Pastor Llewellyn Lucas was killed on July 15, 2016. His severed head was found on ice in a bucket in the pan of Mason’s pickup truck. Police were reportedly following a case of burglary in Belmopan which led them to the discovery.

Renee Trujillo, Love FM News Director, December 3, 2019